Blackbird Academy Consulting

  • What is the linguistic strategy of your company?
  • Do you know how to measure effectiveness of language trainings in terms of business impact?
  • • Do you know how to design language and communication trainings?

Language is a strategic thing. Harvard Business Review even speaks of a linguistic strategy of companies. Global players operate within regional structures, while business services centres deliver to entire Europe and Western Asia in a dozen or so languages. Effectiveness of cooperation within multinational teams, working with both internal and external foreign customers as well as access to new markets and talents are priorities for many companies. Successful realisation of those depends on employees’ language and communication competence.

Well-designed language and communication trainings are investments which bring concrete and measurable business benefits to a company already within a year. Since 2007 we have been designing trainings for business. Drawing on our experience, we created Blackbird Academy Consulting.

Blackbird Academy Consulting offer:

  • developing and implementing a linguistic strategy
  • designing language and communication trainings
  • measuring effectiveness of trainings in terms of business impact and ROI


• trainings and workshops for HR
• trainings and workshops for providers of training services


• designing training processes
• increasing business effectiveness of trainings (tools/processes)


• audits of language and communication competences
• evaluation of effectiveness of trainings in terms of business impact/ROI


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