Blackbird Way

A2, B1, C2? Forget levels, course books and grammar drills.

Blackbird WAY to language fluency.

Better. Faster. Different.

We hate to brag. Let us show you how we work and what results you can expect.



At Blackbird we know that getting your priorities right leads to better results, so we always ask about the context. We want to know how you use the language everyday so that we can build our courses accurately based on the structures and vocabulary that you really need to be successful. Thanks to this proven approach you’ll feel more confident in business communication in just 3 months.


Our courses focus on your goals. It can be an important presentation for the management board, getting ready for a big promotion in the corporate structure, joining an international project team or delivering a great speech at a conference next month. During the session with our coach you set goals for the course and we choose the best method, teacher and materials to help you achieve them.


We have a team of language and business trainers who teach effective communication. It’s not about sophisticated vocabulary or complex grammar structures. At Blackbird you will learn how to say anything you want to impress your target audience the way you do in your native language. We believe great experts should be able to share their knowledge and expertise. That’s why all courses include a workshop which focuses on helping you make better use of your language resources in business environments.


We want your organisation to see the results of our language training. We designed our courses to meet goals set by the company. There are no levels, course books and traditional semesters. Instead we have SMART goals, tailor-made materials and innovative products which will surprise you. At the beginning or our cooperation we sit down with HR and agree on key performance indicators for the language course and goals which the participants should achieve.