Survival Guide to Business Language

This 90-minute workshop is a great chance to meet the Blackbird team and experience Blackbird Way. During the workshop you will learn how to speak, write and listen better in business situations such as presentations, negotiations and meetings. Our trainers will show you how to use the language resources you already have effectively. This workshop is free of charge and we offer it to our new clients. Invite us to your company and see what we do differently!

Blackbird Card

Innovative solution designed to meet the needs of our corporate clients. Blackbird card is a prepaid benefit card which gives employees access to language classes organized at your office. We diagnose your employees’ language skills and, based on that, they organize language learning groups. Once the employees have used up their share of classes they can continue the course and either pay for it individually or use company funding if available. Blackbird Card is a great and flexible tool to build skills and motivate employees to take responsibility for their development. Blackbird Card is a solution for at least 30 employees.

Blackbird Package

Prepaid hourly packages for companies who want to organize language courses for a small group of 5-30 employees. Blackbird Packages are designed to meet specific goals set by the company. The courses consist of regular classes and on-demand language classes with a Blackbird native speaker. This combination guarantees maximum schedule flexibility of our courses. Thanks to our innovative online application you can request a class with one of our native speakers even 15 minutes in advance!

Language Breakfast

Language breakfast for employees at your company. Small groups, informal atmosphere, and a chance to discuss current political, economic and business news, in a language of your choice. Simply a great way to start a day. Breakfast meetings are conducted by different native speakers so that you become familiar with different accents and perspectives on global as well as local issues. Before the meeting all employees receive a portion of language knowledge – breakfast topic, questions, article and vocabulary so even if they don’t participate in the language breakfast they get to learn something.

Language Friday

One day dedicated to language consultations at your office. Our teacher is available all day and any employee can drop by for a 30-minute individual session. Language Friday is a great solution for companies where employees can’t commit to regular classes and schedules but there is a need for language solutions. Employees can use their session to work on a presentation, offer, practice negotiations or revise key business vocabulary.

Blackbird Business Workshops

Each workshop focuses on one key skill such as presentations, negotiations, business correspondence, networking. Participants master both the vocabulary and skills necessary for effective communication in these common business situations. These workshops are a great addition to regular courses. They meet the needs of students who already have good language foundations but still lack confidence when e. g. presenting. Our workshops are conducted by experienced business and language trainers.

Blackbird Executive Communication

Individual courses designed for managers and top executives. Are you a keynote speaker at amajor conference, or maybe you’re preparing negotiations with a key client? We are here to help. Language training is not enough in these situations so we provide cross-cultural communication training as well. You have a team of 3 trainers with experience in international business. In addition you receive access to language consultations and invitation to closed business meetings organized by our partner organizations like the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.


English, Polish, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian languages, other languages: our teachers are often polyglots who teach e. g Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese.