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Class days and times are set at the start of the programme according to your preference. Once the programme is underway, up to three classes per 40-hour course may be rescheduled. We recommend this option to those with a predictable work schedule who would like to save on the course fee.


Class days and times are set at the start of the programme according to your preference. Once the programme is underway you have some flexibility to reschedule them, and you can suspend the course in case of business trip or holiday. We recommend this option to those who anticipate needing more flexibility to fit classes into their schedule.


Class days and times are flexible according to your current availability, and can be arranged from week to week. There are no limits on numbers of lessons you can rearrange and you have 12 months to take the classes (per 40-hour course). This option is for those who travel frequently or who have an unpredictable work schedule.

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Crash Polish

A crash course in Polish to get you up and running, and take the fear out of getting around. You’ll learn:

  • how to read words in Polish and pronounce them well
  • how to greet people
  • how to introduce yourself and start a simple conversation
  • how to ask simple questions
Communicational Polish

This 40 – hour programme allows you to communicate in most everyday situations. You will learn – among other things – how to order a taxi, go shopping and arrange a dentist appointment. We recommend this course to those who need a knowledge of Polish phrases at the ‘survival’ level, without focusing on grammar and writing skills. It can also be a good introduction to further studies.

General Polish

This is a standard language programme designed to develop all key language skills: reading, writing, speaking and grammar. We propose this course to those planning to continue their learning to a higher level.

Executive Polish

The Executive curriculum is specifically focused on topics related to communication in the workplace. We propose this programme to those working or conducting business activities in Poland who would like to better understand their colleagues and business partners.

Customised Polish

A programme focused on the skills or areas of language most important for you – for example grammar, conversation, writing or pronunciation. We also customise Language for Special Purposes (LSP) programmes for specific disciplines such as medicine, law, business etc.

Certificate Polish

For those working towards the State Certificate in Polish as a Foreign Language, as required for their studies, for professional reasons or to obtain Polish citizenship.

Welcome to Poland package

The perfect introduction for the first-timer in Poland – a crash course in the Polish language, a 101 in Polish culture and a host of priceless practical knowledge about getting on and getting around in Poland.30 hours, comprising:

  • CRASH COURSE – 10 hours
  • INSTANT INSIDER – 5 hours
Polish Cultural Wayfinder

Ten two-hour sessions that will take you into the minds of the Polish people, giving you an understanding of their culture, thinking and attitudes, as well as mapping out the forces and events that have shaped Poland and which drive it forward today.

Relocation Coaching

Relocating to a new country can be hugely rewarding – gaining professional experience in a new area, making friends and contacts, learning about a new language and culture – but it can also be challenging too. Blackbird’s Relocation Coaching is here to give you a helping hand as you settle into your new world. Our experts will work with you to deliver all the practical and psychological support you need to help you stay sane, healthy and happy.

Play & Learn Polish

Filled with fun and entertaining exercises, this Polish language course is for youngsters.


I would like the following number of hours of classes:

10 hours

Crash Course is available only as a 10hr package.

40 hours

Communicational Course is available only as a 40hr package.

60 hours
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120 hours


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