• Christopher Quinn, Lawyer, UK

    My course is going very well so far. I can speak some Polish, including constructing sentences. Paulina is a very good teacher. Enthusiastic and keeps the topics going at a good pace with a variety of exercises. So far so good!

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    Christopher Quinn, Lawyer, UK
  • Katarzyna Zięba-Choromańska, LGI Logistics Group International GmbH

    We are very satisfied with our in-company English classes. The course curriculum focuses on business-related communication and is adjusted to our needs.

    Katarzyna Zięba-Choromańska, Managing Director, LGI Logistics Group International GmbH

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    Katarzyna Zięba-Choromańska, LGI Logistics Group International GmbH
  • Daniel Schuetz, Coca Cola HBC

    The quality and efficiency of learning with Blackbird Academy makes one become eager to learn even a challenging language like Polish. The teachers are among the best available and are capable of creating an easy, fun and effective learning experience.

    Daniel Schuetz — Business Planning & Treasury Manager, Coca Cola HBC, Switzerland

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    Daniel Schuetz, Coca Cola HBC
  • Mike Hogan, Embassy of Ireland

    Blackbird’s student needs-oriented approach to language teaching clearly distinguishes them from other providers who simply wish to deliver the same language modules in a standard way. Blackbird Academy tailors their offering to meet the needs and expectations of the student, and adapts to the individual student’s learning style. This makes for a much more fulfilling learning experience for the student and better end results.

    Mike Hogan — Commercial Counsellor, Embassy of Ireland, Ireland

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    Mike Hogan, Embassy of Ireland
  • Stephen Murphy, Clarity Consulting

    I found my teacher to be very diligent and encouraging. She is well organised, has a great sense of humour and the ability to correct mistakes without diminishing confidence. I would be very happy to work with her again.

    Stephen Murphy — Owner, Clarity Consulting, Great Britain

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    Stephen Murphy, Clarity Consulting
  • Ryoichi Yuasa, Mitsubishi Motors

    My teacher made an effort to thoroughly understand my needs. We focused on conversational skills and each unit helped me to communicate effectively in my everyday life. An additional advantage of the course was that it could be taught in my office.

    Ryoichi Yuasa — Mitsubishi Motors, Japan

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    Ryoichi Yuasa, Mitsubishi Motors
  • Petra Ftorková, Accace

    I have been a student of Blackbird Academy for a couple of months. My lessons have always been perfectly prepared, professionally held and respected my personal requirements.
    The lecturers are very flexible and open to any request. I was never bored in class and had a feeling it was time well spent. Blackbird Academy has a really great team of teachers.

    Petra Ftorková — Managing Director, Accace, Slovakia

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    Petra Ftorková, Accace
  • Siergiej Mironow, Russian Railways

    I am very content. The teachers were very polite and qualified. The course schedule was adjusted to my work schedule, which effectively helped to organise the day. At Blackbird, they always adjust to the student’s needs. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn.

    Siergiej Mironow — General Representative of Russian Railways, Russia

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    Siergiej Mironow, Russian Railways
  • Sergio Verde Selva, Pernod Ricard

    Blackbird Academy provided me with great teachers who proved to be very effective and also turned out to be true ambassadors of Polish culture. The services offered by them were always tailored to my needs and their effective relationship with my employer spared me many organisational problems. Above all, teachers and support staff form a professional company that stands out among language schools in Warsaw.

    Sergio Verde Selva — Business Support Specialist, Pernod Ricard, Brazil

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    Sergio Verde Selva, Pernod Ricard
  • Samuel A. Marotta, Univeristy of Maryland

    Blackbird Academy is a very professional and competent language school. I had three teachers and they were all very professional, pleasant, and flexible.

    Samuel A. Marotta — Associate Professor, Univeristy of Maryland, USA

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    Samuel A. Marotta, Univeristy of Maryland
  • Michael Niziol, Niz Ventures

    From my initial correspondence through classroom instruction and subsequent follow-ups, I was impressed with Blackbird’s level of professionalism, preparation and concern for my interests. Their ability to meet my demands in a short period of time was impressive and both the quality of work
    and service were superb.

    Michael Niziol — Principal at Niz Ventures, USA

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    Michael Niziol, Niz Ventures
  • Edgar Rosenmayr, Kulczyk Silverstein Properties

    Lessons took place in my office and the timetable was adjusted to my schedule since my professional needs as well as frequent business trips required a certain flexibility. Despite the little time I was able to allocate to my Polish studies, I managed with my teacher’s support to make meaningful progress. Through various lessons focused on conversation, exercises and homework, I managed to easily master basic communication skills in Polish. For the time being, I have suspended my Polish lessons but I intend to continue lessons with my teacher later this year once my work schedule settles down.

    Edgar Rosenmayr — Managing Director and Board Member, Kulczyk Silverstein Properties, Austria

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    Edgar Rosenmayr, Kulczyk Silverstein Properties
  • Euan MacAra, Sybase Products Central Europe

    I am enjoying the classes much more than I thought! I have an excellent teacher, she is able to work with my limited ways of learning, and this is obvious by the huge amount of preparation that she must do before each and every class!!
    It is hard for me hear and then understand spoken language, and also to speak, but I’m sure one day with practice and of course with such good teachers I will get there.
    The teaching methods and materials used in the classroom are at the highest level. I would certainly recommend Blackbird Academy to my friends.

    Euan MacAra, Sybase Products Central Europe

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    Euan MacAra, Sybase Products Central Europe
  • Arnold Neuville, Ghelamco

    I have been using Blackbird Academy language services since September 2007. During this time, I’ve participated in the individual Polish language course which is tailored to my needs, focusing primarily on communication skills. Most importantly, my tutor is a very pleasant experienced teacher who exudes an air of professionalism and patience especially when teaching advanced grammar.
    My Polish wife has been studying French with Blackbird Academy for the last year because we want our child to be bilingual. I’m impressed with my wife’s progress provided by the excellent teaching staff of Blackbird.
    We are extremely satisfied with the language services provided by this professional and reliable company. As satisfied customers, my wife and I highly recommend Blackbird Academy to anyone who requires personally tailored language courses.

    Arnold Neuville — General Technical Director, Ghelamco

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    Arnold Neuville, Ghelamco
  • Andrew Davis, thesmallroom

    My teacher has a gift for explaining things in a way that you will remember them, and that will inspire you to want to learn more (and, yes, do the homework). She is outgoing, responsive and has a great sense of humour too. Always open to going off the curriculum to discuss any questions or queries you might have about the Polish language and life. All of which makes learning with her fun and interesting and the lessons always felt like they finished too soon.
    I’m pleased to say that I have seen great progress in my vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, and verb conjugation. While I still have much to learn, I feel that I am on track to reach my goal of conversational Polish fluency.

    Andrew Davis — Creative Director, thesmallroom, Great Britain

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    Andrew Davis, thesmallroom
  • Partner Mazars

    My individual language course provided by Blackbird Academy was well structured and organised according to all my requests. My language instructor is very supportive and motivating and I appreciate that the teacher speaks my mother tongue (French) which helps when it comes to explaining grammar or pronunciation issues. I would definitely recommend Blackbird Academy to anyone interested in learning Polish with focus on practical communication.

    Partner, Mazars, France

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    Partner Mazars
  • Jacky Frisoni, Prema Sarl

    I had already taken some Polish lessons in France but needed an intensive course in order to enhance my skills and enable direct communication with our prospects without always having to rely on my Polish representative.
    After checking the different offers in Warsaw, I chose Blackbird Academy and their professional staff who organised for me a tailor-made course that completely fulfilled my expectations.
    The course lasted five days, each day had 5 hours of lessons organized into two 2.5 hour blocks. After a series of role-play conversations corresponding to sales situations, my four teachers were able to identify the grammatical problems that needed to be practised.
    I was very impressed by the quality of the course and will certainly return to Blackbird Academy if a second session is needed.
    I would certainly recommend Blackbird as a very professional language school.

    Jacky Frisoni — Managing Director, Prema Sarl, France

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    Jacky Frisoni, Prema Sarl
  • Sandra Rauchenstein, Accenture

    I am from Switzerland and I moved to Warsaw for personal reasons. I started at
    Blackbird Academy learning Polish as a complete beginner, with absolutely zero knowledge about the language. First, I took a group course for beginners, which I really enjoyed. I learned the basics of the Polish language in a very nice and international group. I really enjoyed being a part of this group and reaching success together. Later, I took individual classes to further improve my Polish. My teacher determined my weaknesses and created tailor-made lessons. I am very satisfied with my progress and also the environment at Blackbird Academy!

    Sandra Rauchenstein — Business Consultant, Accenture, Switzerland

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    Sandra Rauchenstein, Accenture