Blackbird – your Polish insider

Poland is an attractive place to start a business, but like any unfamiliar terrain it has its unique challenges for the newcomer. Thankfully, Blackbird knows the way.

Our broad base of experience in working with multinational businesses, expat employees and individual entrepreneurs has shown us a need for a range of services specifically to help new business ventures get the best possible start in Poland.

We can put together a flexible assistance package matched to your needs, which could include guiding you through bureaucratic and legal formalities, pointing you in the right direction with market research and contacts, and supporting you with language services, office space searches and initial recruitment.

We can help get you up and running even before you get off the plane.


We’ll always take the time to understand what you’re trying to achieve before proposing how we can help.

Working with Blackbird means you also benefit from our close links with the company’s Agency and Academy divisions, with their wide range of contacts and diverse language experience.

We offer both consultation-only and complete assistance packages.

How we can guide your business to its new home:


  • Establishing the right type of business entity for your venture in Poland. We’ll look at how you work in your current territories and propose an appropriate solution here. If your project is a start-up business we’ll propose a solution that will suit your needs.
  • Discussing tax issues around your new business.
  • Opening bank accounts.
  • Help with other formalities – taxpayer identification numbers (NIP), statistical numbers (REGON), copies of the National Court Register (KRS) documents, VAT, VAT-EU and CIT registrations, etc.

Markets and contacts

  • Conducting market research and strategic analysis to scope out the prospects for your business.
  • Matching and networking – finding potential partners and plugging you into the right networks.
  • Acting as your representative in Poland, giving you a valuable presence in-country during the set-up stage of your business. You can rest easy knowing we’re here as a trustworthy first port of call, with no language issues.

Employees and office

  • Finding and setting up office space.
  • Assistance with initial recruitment.
  • Taking care of legal issues around foreign employees – work permits, legalisation etc.

Legal issues

  • Our team includes lawyers who can advise on legal matters around your new business venture.


  • Organising sworn translations where needed.
  • Arranging translation and interpreting for business meetings, phone calls, documents, agreements etc.