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standard translation
Where you simply need to understand content written in a foreign language, and the result is only for internal company use, we would suggest a standard translation. The translator will work for approximately 45 mins on each page, concentrating on transferring the sense of the text into the target language.
premium translation
When your text will represent your company to the outside world we would suggest a premium translation. The translator will work approximately for two hours on each page. They will first transfer the sense into the target language, and then focus on refining the text – adjusting it to suit your company’s particular style, verifying specialist vocabulary and checking for overall coherency.
sworn translation
Where you need to submit a translated text in court, or for certain official procedures such as immigration applications, you will be required to obtain a Sworn Translation. Every country has different procedures – for example in Poland a sworn translation is prepared by a specialist translator who is registered by the Ministry of Justice. Every page of translated text will carry their official stamp and they are legally responsible for its correctness and its agreement with the original.
translation project
Where you have a complex translation job that involves many documents and possibly different types of translation service, we will appoint a project manager to take care of the whole process. You are free to focus on your core tasks while we get the job done.
Glossary is a dictionary specific to your business that lists specialist terminology that appears in your company’s texts. We take a sample of pages of your documents and extract specialist words and phrases to compile a bespoke glossary.

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