We have been providing interpreters and interpreting equipment for multilanguage events and meetings since 2007. Some events facilitated by us include:

  • National meeting, Hotel Sheraton

    Warsaw June 2017

    Our team had the privilege to support the British organization ICF International and the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) during the meeting “The role of the police and the judiciary to collect comparable data on violence against women in the EU”. Discussion in the meeting provided an analysis of the role of EIGE in collection and measurement of this type of data, the role of the police and judiciary, as well as the role of individual recommendations in this area for particular countries. Blackbird provided simultaneous interpretation with conference equipment.

  • Conference for brokers, Hilton Hotel

    Warsaw, November 2016

    A team of Blackbird interpreters had the pleasure to work at a conference for brokers organised at the Hilton Hotel by one of the biggest insurance companies – Allianz. The event was attended by our six experts, including both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters. The Management Board from the company’s headquarters in Munich relied on our all-day linguistic support in many different thematic areas, e.g. risk management in the construction sector that undergoes substantial changes, insurance for the automotive industry, new technologies and consumer goods.

  • Conference on climate change and the urgent need to adapt to it, Embassy of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

    Warsaw, June 2016

    Simultaneous interpreters by Blackbird assisted during a conference addressing climate changes and their impact on businesses, which was held at the Embassy of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The biggest companies from the sector presented their position on solving the problem of the global climate change from the business perspective all over the world. At the meeting, the participants presented several project illustrating how similar effects can be achieved in Poland.
    Besides interpreting itself, we also delivered up-to-date conference equipment.

  • Network-based Targeting for Homeland Security

    Warsaw, May 2009

    This conference, organized in cooperation with Detica Information Intelligence and BAE Systems, was a challenge for our interpreters because of the specialized topics and vocabulary involved.

  • 3rd International Shopper Marketing Congress

    Warsaw, June 2011

    The Global Association for Marketing at Retail (POPAI) and their branch in Poland organized their third congress on customers’ shopping behaviours and trends in shopping. International guests, including marketing and sales managers from fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors, trading centres, shopping malls and shop owners, benefited from the simultaneous translation we provided. Speakers from different countries introduced new ideas, solutions and technologies in retail marketing, and product and brand management in small shops, shopping malls and centres.

    See the conference website here….

  • British-Polish Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast with Minister of Labour and Social Policy

    Warsaw, October 2012

    We were happy to assist the Polish Minster of Labour and Social Policy with his meeting to discuss increasing cooperation between public labour offices and private recruitment companies. The UK example showed that such cooperation can be effective. Several ideas and projects were presented on how similar results can be achieved in Poland.

  • Expert Mission on Prevention of Crime and Terrorism through Crime Analysis

    Banja Luca, Bosnia, October 2012

    The main objective of the mission was to assess the methods and tools used by law enforcement bodies in Republika Srpska, as well as introducing the best Polish and EU practices for crime analysis.

  • Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

    Warsaw, September 2013

    Fifty guests, including NGO representatives from Sweden, Holland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, discussed plans for the ‘Civic Platform’, an umbrella group created to bring together nongovernmental organisations committed to improving the human rights situation in Europe, Eurasia and the US. Its members are also working collectively to dispatch teams to monitor unfolding crises in these regions and ensure a strategic and coordinated response to human rights developments. The meeting in Warsaw covered plans for the upcoming year, financing and future conferences and meetings.

  • Multi-country workshop on better cooperation between law enforcement services, society and the media

    Krakow, May 2012

    Speakers from Poland, Spain, Italy and Germany discussed ways to improve communication between police, their press offices and the media, and the role of social campaigns initiated by police. The workshop, organised in cooperation with Polish National Police Headquarters, was full of lively discussions and included much talk about how transparent police PR should be.

  • UITP Local Rail Summit

    Warsaw, May 2012

    The three-day Local Rail Summit 2012, organised by the Union Internationale du Transport Public (UITP), required a team of 16 interpreters working in English, Spanish, French, German and Polish. They covered more than 30 presentations by speakers from all over the world, in front of an audience of 280 guests from 33 countries. Presentations included a wide range of specialist subjects relating to rail, metro, tramway, light rail and suburban and regional rail issues. In addition to two days of conference sessions our interpreters supported a study visit to the Warsaw Tramway Headquarters. They helped show foreign guests the tram network and the operations centre.


    See the conference website here…

  • Interpreting interviews for The Guardian newspaper

    Gdańsk, March 2012

    We supported journalists from the Guardian during a visit to Poland to prepare one of a series of articles about EU countries, helping them with location visits and conducting interviews with contributors including former Polish president and Nobel prizewinner Lech Wałęsa.

  • Battle of Nations

    December 2011

    Members of historical re-enactment associations gathered to discuss ways of organising medieval battles, different types of armour and fighting techniques. Guests came from Russia, Italy, France, Germany and many other countries. The conference was enlivened by knights fighting in the hotel lobby!

  • 2nd Annual Stadium and Venue Design and Development Conference

    Warsaw, October 2012

    The aim of this conference and site visit to the National Stadium in Warsaw, supported by our Russian-Polish interpreter, was to discuss success stories and lessons learnt in stadium development from UEFA EURO 2012, to examine the winning architectural designs for FIFA World Cup 2018 stadia, to disseminate insight on effective project planning for new stadia and retrofits, and to evaluate construction challenges and ways to overcome them. Guests also looked at the most effective strategies on stadium operation and maintenance, and gained insights into safeguarding tournament security and safety at world-class events with an expert from UEFA.